September 25th

Dear St. Edmond’s Families,
Blessed Basil Moreau wrote of intentionality in one’s daily life, “the spirit of prayer is … the loving practice of the presence of God, and by the regular renewal of right intentions in all one’s behavior.” Blessed Father Basil Moreau left us with many teachings about the mission, educational charism, and spirituality of Holy Cross. This gift from the Holy Spirit has been passed down through the generations and continues to inspire and guide us today. It was in this vein that we created the school’s new prayer, which is said as we begin each class, activity, and event with the intentionality Moreau speaks of and in the presence of God. After speaking with a parent of a student in the lower form who wanted to practice this prayer daily with her son.As we head toward the closure of our first month of school, I am confident that students have settled into their Fall routines and have embraced the call to take pride in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. Last week, I had the pleasure… [Click here to keep reading.]