September 18th

Dear St. Edmond’s Families,

At the outset of this school year, Domenic and I challenged each student to be mindful of every interaction and to take pride in the most ordinary of things (e.g. holding the door, saying thank you, etc.). One of the aspects of my job I really appreciate is that I get to witness countless ordinary interactions throughout the day. Though difficult at times to step out of the hustle and bustle of a typical day, I find myself yearning to capture those ordinary moments between the students and teachers and among their peers.

On Tuesday morning, when walking back up from an impromptu visit to the lower form classes, I passed the fifth grade as they galloped through the hall, eager for Ms. Javier’s Spanish class. While several students hustled toward the lower form Spanish classroom, one student in particular caught my eye. New to the school just a mere six days prior, this fifth grader stopped and held the door for the early childhood and first grade students as they returned to their classrooms. [Click here to keep reading.]