Faculty Highlights

    1. Name Changes 
      1. Jocelyn Coupe married Kyle Delaney June 11th In Rehoboth Beach.
      2. Juliana Shannon married Andrew McClellan July 16th in New York.  
    2. Delaware Writing Project Invitational Summer Institute 2016 
      Jocelyn Coupe Delaney and Lindsey Poinsett completed a two-week intensive writing institute for teachers.  Our very own Kim Wagner led the Institute for teachers in the state of Delaware learning new ways to teach writing.  Way to go Jocelyn and Lindsey!

    3. Masters Degree Earned
      Lindsey Poinsett and Jina Cherico completed their Master's Programs this summer.  We are proud of both teachers for continuing their learning over the past years.  

    4. Publications:  Patricia Scott, "Flipping the Flip" article in Educational Leadership Magazine (May 2014)  Educators know that students learn better when their teacher considers carefully how young people learn best. Yet, when administrators plan professional development for teachers, the author claims, they often forget to consider how teachers learn best. As principal of a private K-8 school, Scott arranges professional learning for her teachers in a way that honors adult learning styles. Just as many educators are now "flipping the classroom," Scott's school flips professional development. Teachers first do much of the learning individually at their own pace—by reading articles and watching videos Scott collects that center on the content they are to learn–and then meet together to strengthen that learning. By describing two recent professional development sessions for her teachers, Scott shows this flipped professional learning in action.



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