May 20th

Dear St. Edmond’s Families,

St. Edmond’s Red & Gray Field Day today was rocking and rolling. Water balloon toss, soccer, football, basketball, kickball, capture the flag, dodgeball, capped off with pizza and movies in homeroom; quite a day on campus this Friday. Many thanks to all the faculty and parents involved in this end-of-year Lancer tradition. The faculty staffed the various sport stations on campus. Mr. Corcoran’s commentary at the morning football game captures the spirit of the day: “The raw athleticism is just awe inspiring.” I’m pretty sure that was hyperbole…

The month of May brings many end-of-year events. This past Wednesday night in the Rollins Performing Arts Center, the Arts and Music Departments presented an “Evening of the Arts,” a program highlighting the SEA choral and instrumental groups, as well as a lobby display of student artwork. Many thanks to Ms. DeHart, Mr. Pat D’Amato, Mr. Corcoran, and Mrs. Quercetti.  The arts are indeed alive and thriving here.
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