Lower Form: Early Childhood-Grade 4

The Academy’s Lower Form is home to students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 4. During these formative years, emphasis is placed on the academic, social and spiritual growth of our students. Our young scholars explore, discover, build, and create to learn new concepts and skills. The Lower Form gathers together weekly to pray, learn social skills, share news and ideas, problem-solve, and celebrate. To meet the various instructional levels of our students, we create a differentiated curriculum, rich in Literacy (reading and writing), Science, Mathematics, Social studies, and Religion. Literacy development encompasses a significant part of each day for our young learners. By 2nd grade the mathematics curriculum begins to accelerate at a quicker pace with the second half of the school year primarily focusing on multiplication and division. Once a student enters 3rd grade they work exclusively at the 4th grade level. Mathematical understanding, fluency, and problem-solving are emphasized during each lesson. Technology is integrated into daily lessons. For those requiring reading intervention, we provide small group or individualized instruction. Students gain familiarity of Spanish through singing, reading, writing, and speaking with a Spanish teacher 2x-3x per week depending on their grade level. iPad carts are also available at every grade level (through grade 5) for research, writing, collaboration, and creation.

Middle Form: Grades 5 & 6

Grades 5 and 6 are a blend of support and independence. Students are expected to keep a planner and log into their Gradelink and Google Classroom accounts on a regular basis. We provide students in grades 5 and 6 with the organizational, study and note-taking skills to help them become responsible and self-sufficient students. Right-sized classes combined with the appropriate blend of support provides our students with opportunities to interact with their teachers as often as necessary and to collaborate with peers in a more deliberate manner. Our dynamic curriculum of Integrated Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Science Lab, Spanish, Social Studies, and Religion is designed to inspire and challenge students. In the Middle Form, Grades 5 continues the Lower Form program using Open Up Resources for Bookworms Reading and Writing. As students progress into grades sixth through eight, the program shifts to a novel and anthology based program. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills through reading comprehension.

Upper Form: Grades 7 & 8

Curriculum, at this level, focuses on critical thinking and problem solving. In the Upper Form, Saint Edmond’s Academy continues the anthology based reading program, but is enhanced by novel studies. Sadlier’s Grammar For Writing workbooks continue to be an integral part of our Upper Form grammar instruction. Learning how to use text and research to defend a position or stance is a concept practiced throughout all content areas. By the end of 8th grade year, students complete a Capstone Project on a global issue that requires extensive research, documentation, and analysis of data and solutions. The goal of the mathematics program is to combine a strong foundational program of basic facts and number sense with a critical thinking approach to mathematics. With Mathematics classes meeting every day for 60 minutes, students are able to be successful in this rigorous program. Upper Form science at St. Edmond’s Academy involves developing effective lab skills, academic proficiency, and higher level critical thinking skills. Discussions of ethics help students to view science as an evolving process needing conscious awareness of its possible outcomes.