From the Head of School- 05.27.2021

Dear St. Edmond’s Families,

I started my morning in Mrs. Alcarese’s second grade class and I did not need my daily cup of coffee. Senora Conaty’s game plan moved from an opening Spanish prayer (the boys recited by heart) to a brief question and answer session to singing several songs, including an 80’s riff and a yeeha cowboy song, all in Spanish, of course. Sr. Conaty asked me en Espanol what my favorite color was; I had no clue what she was saying (French was my ‘specialty’). The boys looked at me like I was a simpleton. Good to be humbled on a Friday morning. It takes la familia grande to make a community strong. Thanks to Mrs. Alcarese and Sr. Conaty for the invitation.

Our new website rolled out last weekend. Much thanks to Mrs. Rubio who designed the site with the developer at Gradelink this spring and who worked through the long weekend bridging all the gaps created as old Blackbaud products lapsed, and several new systems were implemented. Bridgid set out to improve the parent, student and teacher- user experience and we appreciate her dedication to this project over the last five months. Her commitment to St. Edmond’s embodies the essence of the Holy Cross spirit of community and belief in education. SEA is indebted to her faithful, devoted service. Her help in this most challenging year has been instrumental for me personally and for the larger school community.

We received a $750.00 check from the Delaware Department of Public Works this week. Our community efforts in the Great Schools Clean Streams pledge drive earned us second place in the small schools division. Over 11,000 pledges were made in New Castle County and I am grateful for our SEA families and their support. This year’s winnings will potentially go towards some outdoor enhancements just outside the cafeteria. We are looking to provide an outdoor eating area that will offer a nice space with gardens and tables for the boys to enjoy their lunch on sunny days.

Much thanks to Mr. Cropper and Ms. Dehart for their diligence this spring, despite the in-person restrictions. Our Spring Choral Concert, our Instrumental Concert, and our Lower Form Concert are on-point. A huge shout-out to Mr. Johns for all his technical expertise in editing these recordings.

Our school-wide summer reading book for the faculty and staff is Atul Gawande’s Better – A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance. I gave all of our faculty/staff a copy this morning. Gawande’s observations as a doctor serve as a larger framework for living our lives. At one point, he asserts, “Better is possible. It does not take genius. It takes diligence. It takes moral clarity. It takes ingenuity. And above all, it takes a willingness to try.” Indeed. I am looking forward to our internal discussions as we look with hope to the summer and our upcoming school year. I have a few extra copies if any of you parents are interested.

Graduation weekend is here for our 44 Lancers – it’s an exciting time. Many thanks to all who have helped plan and will help orchestrate the ceremony this Sunday morning. It has been a team effort. I also want to thank the faculty and staff for their diligence this year. Sunday’s Gospel from Mark ends with Jesus looking out on the crowd and saying:

Here are my mother and my brothers.
For whoever does the will of God
is my brother and sister and mother.
A special thank you to our eighth grade parents in this truly special moment. We were blessed to have your support, blessed to have your sons here at St. Edmond’s Academy. It is indeed a big family of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and we hope you will return again and again to the Lancer family. God bless your boys.
Warm regards,
John Jordan