Faculty and Staff

Alcarese, Chrissy
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Borror, Pete
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Cincotta, Joe
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Conaty, Lucy
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Conner, Allie
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Corbino, Kathleen
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Corcoran, Jamie
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Cropper, Chris
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D’Amato, Bill
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Davolos, Cait
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DeHart, Deb
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Delaney, Jocelyn
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Derrickson, Dave
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Fella, Jill
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Ford, Alayna
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Hayes-Hartman, Tammy
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Johns, Brian
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Jordan, John
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LoBue, Samantha
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Manalo, Peggy
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Marencin, George
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McCarthy, Nicole
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McClellan, Juliana
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Nolen, Diane
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O’Connell, Mary
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Ostapchenko, Diane 
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Pileggi, Theresa
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Poinsett, Lindsey
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Quercetti, Diane
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Robinson, Erika
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Rottura, Amy
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Rubio, Bridgid
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Smith, Karen
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Stackhouse, Kyle
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Stump, Mark
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Taylor, Tye
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Turner, Kaddy
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Extended Day Program
x312 (EC- Grade 4)
x320 (Grades 5-8)


This is our heritage; this is our mandate
“…Living the heritage and accepting the mandate require that we “always walk ahead, until we are in possession of the glory of God.” May our lives, as model and message, invite others to follow Christ as Holy Cross men and women, to live as Jesus lived, to love as he loved, and to serve others with courage and conviction. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.
Brother Joel Giallanza, C.S.C.