Diversity • Equity • Inclusion

As a core component of our Holy Cross identity, Saint Edmond’s Academy aims to build an inclusive community that recognizes the humanity and uniqueness of each person, welcomes and celebrates the diversity of the Lancer community, and strives to develop boys of character who promote equity and connectedness through the forming of a brotherhood in which all are welcome. Like many Catholic institutions across the country, we draw guidance from the Gospel, “it is by your love for one another that all will know you as my disciples (John 13: 35).” As a Catholic school in the Holy Cross tradition, St. Edmond’s Academy recognizes the dignity of all people and pledges its commitment to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environment for all.

At the Academy, we believe that by exposing students, faculty, and staff to a wide range of ideas, experiences, and cultures, examining our individual preconceptions, and exploring different ways of thinking, we enrich the learning experience and reflect the school’s mission to develop boys of character in a community of faith. In this and every endeavor, we challenge ourselves and each other to grow as Blessed Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of the Holy Cross, challenges all of us, “our intentions, our motivations, determine the priorities we establish for our lives and the directions in which we choose to move.” God calls us to form a welcoming, supportive, and healthy community that fosters brotherhood, embraces differences, and promotes respect for each individual. As a learning community, we strive to promote justice and deepen our collective understanding of the “living stones” of which our community is formed.

God of yesterday, today and forever— free us to embrace our emerging future.
St. Joseph, pray for us.