Diversity • Equity • Inclusion

In the Holy Cross tradition, St. Edmond’s Academy recognizes the dignity of all people and pledges its commitment to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environment. We consider those values in every aspect of our work, including policy, programming, professional development, family engagement, and student services.

Currently, our curricular approach to inclusion rests in the English Language Arts department, as we recognize the power of language in the creation and perpetuation of social constructs. Fundraising efforts over the past few years have enabled us to develop “Representation Libraries” in middle and upper form classrooms, as access to a wide range of experiences nurtures students’ cultural competence and enhances their ability to examine complex global issues. With the support of our librarian, Tammy Hayes-Hartman, reading lists and classroom libraries will continue to be thoughtfully curated to feature characters from a variety of economic situations, ethnicities, religions, family structures, citizenship, races, genders, and abilities.

Like many Catholic institutions across the country, we feel called to examine our role, by action or inaction, in perpetuating societal inequities. We commit to the introspection, listening, and hard work necessary to chart a path forward. In this and every endeavor, we draw guidance from the Gospel, it is by your love for one another that all will know you as my disciples.

God of yesterday, today and forever— free us to embrace our emerging future.
St. Joseph, pray for us.