Andre Program

“It will do little good to use the same procedures in working with every student. The teacher would be like a doctor who always gave the same remedy for every illness. This in itself should be enough to point out the importance of beginning the year by studying your students.”
-Blessed Basil Moreau, 1862

The Academy’s Andre Program helps 4th-8th grade students with diagnosed, mild learning differences. Such diagnoses can include attention deficits, auditory processing, reading and math disabilities. The Andre Program team uses a combination of in-school assessments, work samples, teacher and Andre staff observations, educational testing and/or educational plans from previous schools, and parent input to identify students for the Andre Program. The same criteria are used to develop the student’s Action Plan. The Action Plan puts into place the accommodations and recommendations that help the student to adjust to our rigorous curriculum. Action Plans are unique to each student and designed to meet his individual needs, as well as to provide consistent communication to all who work with the student. The level of support a student receives through the Andre Program varies depending upon his needs and is to be determined by the Academy. A fee-based program, the Andre Program offers support through small group meetings, enrichment programs, and after-school help. The Andre Staff also provides additional support to all students with a regular presence in the classroom setting.

In order to be considered for the Andre Program, the following criteria must be met:
– Current documentation within three years; may consist of psycho-educational evaluation, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), or a 504 Plan
– Classroom observation of student by Andre Program staff member
– Meeting with Andre Team, family, and child

If accepted into the Andre Program, the following criteria is required:
– Signed contract outlining level of support within the Andre Program
– Signed Action Plan detailing the educational accommodations based upon the student’s individual diagnosed and documented special learning needs
– Payment of Andre Program fee