Middle Form

Grades 4-6:  A Balance of Support and Independence

The Middle Form consists of key transitional years that not only prepare the students academically, but also provide them with the organizational, study and note-taking skills that will enable them to become independent and responsible for themselves as they eventually move into the Upper Form. While clearly academically focused, this preparation is as equally rooted in the five core values of integrity, independence, responsibility, positive self-esteem and building community to develop strong character that will help students to make the best possible choices as they learn to navigate through life.

SEA's academic standards are high and demanding, ensuring that even the most excelling student will be challenged.  Our dynamic curriculum of Integrated Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Science Lab, Spanish, Social Studies, and Religion are designed to inspire and challenge each and every student. Teachers work in collaborative teams to provide an integrated approach to learning.  Students learn in a differentiated environment where authentic learning is critical to the instructional approach. For example, sixth graders who are learning financial literacy as part of their Social Studies curriculum are part of a national online stock market simulation where students learn how to diversify funds, research stock choices and are responsible for investing a $100,000 budget.

At the same time, the program is highly personalized and support services are available, so that each child progresses at a pace appropriate to his developmental readiness. To support our older scholars in their academic and social development, a middle and upper form guidance counselor and reading specialist are available. The Middle Form years are a delicate balance of providing nurturing support and guidance to students while letting them go so they can find their independence and take responsibility for themselves and their actions, socially and emotionally.


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