We are proud to begin our 62nd year of educating boys in the Holy Cross spirit. Our 2,000+ alumni know the value of an education based in academic challenge, spiritual growth, and active engagement with the world. The St. Edmond’s approach is grounded in rigorous academics, inspiring arts, and competitive athletics. Our boys grow through an understanding of themselves and of the essential values of compassion, trust, and acceptance. Our Holy Cross mission speaks to the zeal our Lancers show, in the classroom, on the theater stage and athletic field, and in our service to the local community. This is St. Edmond’s academy, grounded in faith and hope.

Each year at graduation, the Head of School is tasked with giving the 8th grade graduates a ‘charge,’ a duty he will carry with him into his high school years. This past June I charged the graduating Lancers with three things. First: Thank people. God’s grace brings us here together and our duty begins in gratitude. Second: Offer little kindnesses. Give a hand to a brother who has fallen down, to a sister who needs a hug because it’s been a tough day. Practice small kindnesses when in high school. It is a habit that makes a difference. Third, I asked our Lancers to have the confidence to tell their story with hope and happiness.

The St. Edmond’s Academy story is a rich one, character education placed side by side with instruction, heart and mind together on this most important journey. Infusing all we do with a belief in Christ’s gentle, strong teachings, with Bl. Basile Moreau’s “eyes of faith,” with St. André Bessette’s simple humility, we dedicate ourselves to the education of our young boys. Come visit our unique school. Come meet our students. Come tell us your story and we will tell you ours.

Warm Regards,
John Jordan

Head of School