My experience on Veale Road began in 1992 as a fourth-grade student. Nervous, as I was starting a new journey, I quickly discovered that a very special experience awaited me at the Academy.

I recall St. Edmond’s as a place where a long-standing, well-established commitment to providing a rigorous academic curriculum and student structure instilled a sense of accountability and personal responsibility in students. To this day, I am grateful for the Academy’s strong emphasis on developing these personal characteristics. Our shared Holy Cross values of heart, mind, hope, zeal, and family continue to play an essential role in my life.

At the core of our commitment to educating hearts and minds is a focus on family and community. Teaching our students to be a part of something bigger than themselves– part of something as valuable as a family– is so essential to the experience today’s students need.

In the most formative years of my childhood, my classmates, teachers, and the Brothers of Holy Cross were all part of my family unit. The Brothers made it possible for my brother and me to attend and thrive within our community. Saint Edmond’s Academy is a place that was literally built for boys and their families.
I am so grateful to return to Veale Road, along with a fellow alumnus, Dr. Michael C. Reichert ’98, whom I’ve appointed to the role of Principal. A legacy student, Dr. Reichert holds the exciting distinction of only having ever worked at ‘All-Boys’ Schools. It has been thirty years since he and I first began our journey as students here. With excited hearts, we return to a school that has evolved in all of the ways modern society demands all while staying true to its mission and core values, rooted in the teachings and charism of the Brothers of Holy Cross.

In 1959, with very humble beginnings, four Brothers opened the doors to the original school on Delaware Avenue. More than sixty years later, with St. André Bessette’s humility at the core of our mission, we dedicate ourselves to educating boys of character in a community of faith.
Come visit our magnificent 24-acre campus and meet our students. Let’s share our stories and unite as a family.

Domenic J. Maiorano ’97

Head of School