Mission  Saint Edmond’s Academy, an Independent Catholic school, educates the hearts and minds of boys in the Holy Cross tradition from JK to eighth grade. Our heritage incorporates contemporary thought with individualized instruction, a challenging 21st century curriculum, and a focus on the core values of responsibility, independence, self-esteem, integrity, and a sense of community.

  Reverend Jacques Dujarie organized the Brothers of Holy Cross, originally called the Brothers of Saint Joseph, as a teaching community in 1820 France. In 1837, Blessed Basil Moreau associated these Brothers with a society of auxiliary priests to establish the Congregation of Holy Cross, a religious community of priests and brothers. After the establishment of the University of Notre Dame in 1842, the Brothers founded additional schools across the country, adding to other Holy Cross schools in Europe and throughout the world. The Brothers were invited to sponsor and administer Saint Edmond’s Academy in 1959. We currently have around 2200 alumni.

Core Values
  As one of just twenty Holy Cross Catholic schools in the US, we are dedicated to empowering our students with Holy Cross Catholic values for life. From a young age, students develop an understanding of five core values distilled from the writings of Blessed Basil Moreau- Responsibility, Integrity, Independence, Positive Self-Esteem, and Building Community. Students learn to respect themselves and those around them, embracing the likeness and differences of all. We believe in a safe and positive learning environment for all of our students. We believe students learn in different ways and must be taught effectively to meet their individual needs. We believe that learning the fundamentals provides the necessary framework for academic success. We believe in providing a holistic education–through academics, athletics and the arts, as well as spiritual and social growth.

  Saint Edmond’s Academy is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Additional Memberships and Affiliations include Congregation of Holy Cross, National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA), Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools (ADVIS), International Boys’ School Coalition (IBSC) and Delaware Association of Independent Schools (DAIS). The Academy has also been awarded the Shield of Protection as partners of the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children.