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St. Edmond’s Academy is a community of families, educators, and partners inspired by the values of the Gospel. In the Holy Cross tradition, we are committed to the education of young boys from grades JK-8. Incorporating contemporary thought with individualized instruction, a challenging 21st century curriculum, and a focus on the core values of heart, mind, hope, zeal, and family, St. Edmond’s Academy develops boys of character in a community of faith.


Reverend Jacques Dujarie organized the Brothers of Holy Cross, originally called the Brothers of Saint Joseph, as a teaching community in 1820 France. In 1837, Blessed Basil Moreau associated these Brothers with a society of auxiliary priests to establish the Congregation of Holy Cross, a religious community of priests and brothers. After the establishment of the University of Notre Dame in 1842, the Brothers founded additional schools across the country, adding to other Holy Cross schools in Europe and throughout the world.

Core Values

As a Catholic school, rooted in the traditions of Holy Cross education, we are dedicated to empowering our students with values for life. From a young age, students develop an understanding of five core values distilled from the writings of Blessed Basil Moreau- heart, mind, hope, zeal, and family. Students learn to respect themselves and those around them, embracing the likeness and differences of all.



All students are accepted to the high school of their choice.



Accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools



Committed to Educating with Zeal

We believe in a safe and positive learning environment for all our boys.

We believe boys learn in different ways and must be taught effectively to meet their individual needs.

We believe that learning the fundamentals provides the necessary framework for academic success.

We believe in providing a holistic education–through academics, athletics and the arts, as well as spiritual and social growth.

We are proud of our alumni

Seamus Oliver ’18 was awarded the Jefferson Scholarship at the University Of Virginia. He will receive the total cost of attending the University for four years and benefit from many enrichment programs sponsored by the Jefferson Scholars Foundation.

Seamus Oliver '18

De’Joun graduated from Archmere Academy in 2015 and is a proud Temple University graduate as well.  De’Joun is employed with BPGS as a project engineer. His ‘proudest moment’ thus far is opening Talen Energy Stadium’s VIP Tunnel Club for the Philadelphia Union’s first ever home playoff game.

De’Joun Lee '11

Michael is the Head of the Department of Nutrition Science for the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and National Zoological Park in Virginia.

Michael Maslanka ‘85

George Frankel was appointed by Senator Coons to the US Senate Page Program in the Office of the Sergeant at Arms where he first served as a Senate Page and again in a subsequent role as a doorkeeper. George has an M.A in International Affairs from Lingan University in Hong Kong.

George Frankel '12

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Latest Posts

September 25th

September 25th

Dear St. Edmond’s Families,
Blessed Basil Moreau wrote of intentionality in one’s daily life, “the spirit of prayer is … the loving practice of the presence of God, and by the regular renewal of right intentions in all one’s behavior.” Blessed Father Basil Moreau left us with many teachings about the mission, educational charism, and spirituality of Holy Cross. This gift from the Holy Spirit has been passed down through the generations and continues to inspire and guide us today. It was in this vein that we created the school’s new prayer, which is said as we begin each class, activity, and event with the intentionality Moreau speaks of and in the presence of God. After speaking with a parent of a student in the lower form who wanted to practice this prayer daily with her son.As we head toward the closure of our first month of school, I am confident that students have settled into their Fall routines and have embraced the call to take pride in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. Last week, I had the pleasure… [Click here to keep reading.]
September 18th

September 18th

Dear St. Edmond’s Families,

At the outset of this school year, Domenic and I challenged each student to be mindful of every interaction and to take pride in the most ordinary of things (e.g. holding the door, saying thank you, etc.). One of the aspects of my job I really appreciate is that I get to witness countless ordinary interactions throughout the day. Though difficult at times to step out of the hustle and bustle of a typical day, I find myself yearning to capture those ordinary moments between the students and teachers and among their peers.

On Tuesday morning, when walking back up from an impromptu visit to the lower form classes, I passed the fifth grade as they galloped through the hall, eager for Ms. Javier’s Spanish class. While several students hustled toward the lower form Spanish classroom, one student in particular caught my eye. New to the school just a mere six days prior, this fifth grader stopped and held the door for the early childhood and first grade students as they returned to their classrooms. [Click here to keep reading.]

September 11th

September 11th

Dear St. Edmond’s Families,

It is amazing to think that it has been twenty-one years since the events of September 11th unfolded. All of us recall that day- and the days to follow- in different ways. I was a newly-minted police cadet and also in my first few weeks as a student at the University of Delaware. That morning, I had two classes that went mostly uninterrupted.

After leaving campus, I went to the police station to get ready for my shift. When I arrived, I found my colleagues, still in shock, watching the news together in silence. That day, our radio and dispatch center remained mostly quiet as the entire country was doing the same thing we were- watching the aftermath with family and friends. As we now know, the world forever changed that day. The days and weeks to follow were uncertain and uncomfortable. For several weeks after 9/11, we were called to respond to many homes and businesses too afraid to open their own mail as they feared there were poisonous chemicals in their letters and packages. There was a special period of time, after the tragedies of 9/11…[Click here to keep reading.]